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"Your Personal Philosophy is the Greatest Determining Factor in How Your Life Works Out" - Jim Rohn


Leadership Development

Industry Leading Proven Professional Growth & Development Systems

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Personal Development

Thought Expanding Curriculum That Helps You Step Into Your Empowered Mindset

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Effective Communication

Discovering What Makes You Uniquely You In Your Professional and Personal Life

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Diversity & Inclusion

Making Room for Another Seat at The Table - An Open Discussion About Diversity & Inclusion

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Purpose Driven Solutions

As the founder and CEO of The Sorsdal Group, I demonstrate the power of transformational leadership, by helping individuals and agencies develop the Leaders within themselves and within their organizations.

I support government agencies, private, and public organizations alike. Facilitating workshops and trainings in areas such as Emotional Intelligence, Communication Style Assessments, Effective Team Building, and so much more. 

I'd be honored to help elevate yours and your teams personal and leadership  development -  moving your team from Me to We through mindset shifts and navigating leadership transitions. 

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"Amazing training....thank you for your expertise."              - Nick B.

"Great keynote.....really broadened my thinking." - Anne G.

"I wish I would have learned this twelve years ago....thank you so much." - Rebeca H.

"I will never look at leadership the same way again...thank you for this new awareness." - Peter J.

"Excellent training....Loved Leadership is Risk Management." -Stephanie T.

"Your Live2Lead event was amazing....Looking forward to next year's event." -Tim G.

"This was great, thank you for sowing into our emerging leaders." - Grant Y. MSGT