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6 Types of Working Genius

Each of us have the God-given ability
to get joy and energy from two of those types of work. And because we love that kind of work, we
usually gravitate toward it and are pretty good at it.


We’re meant to use these gifts, what we call our geniuses, to contribute to the world around us. We
should use our geniuses with our teams, communities, and families.

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Why make work life better?

Imagine if every company, every organization, every team knew the areas of genius, competency, and frustration of their people and organized them for success. And imagine if every parent knew those areas of genius for their spouse and children. It’s not an exaggeration to say that there would be more joy and less misery in society. But that has to happen one person at a time. And that person might as well be you. What are your areas of genius?

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